Bogus Alarm Caller / Panic Button

Fixed near the door, this button will provide reassurance in the event of an unexpected caller. It can also be used to summon assistance or verbal prompts can be given via the Lifeline unit. Such incidents will also be automatically recorded and may be used in evidence.

Bogus Caller Button​


  • Integral ambient temperature sensor
  • Automated regular pendant test reminder
  • 75% more efficient power adaptor
  • Improved battery back-up
  • Improved virtual sensor management
  • Flexible voice recordings
  • Enhanced reminders
  • Portable installer keypad/ID card
  • Table stand/wall mount options

Tunstall Emergency Response

Watch a video demonstrating how the Tunstall Emergency Response’s solutions work together.

National Awards

Tunstall Emergency Response received the prestigious award of ‘Best Providers of Healthcare Solutions and TeleCare Solutions’ at the Public Sector Magazine 2013 ‘Excellence in Business’ Awards.

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