Nursecall System - Irish Care Home

Client Requirement

  • We were approached by a client who was developing a new nursing home and needed to install a
    nurse call system. One of the main requirements in considering a nurse call system was to maximise
    staff time and to eliminate unnecessary trips to the patients rooms while at the same time ensuring
    a quick response to their needs. The customer also wanted to have a system that looked well and
    match in with the modern look of a new nursing home. 

What We Delivered

  • After consultation with the client and their architect it was agreed that the best solution to satisfy
    the specifications was the Tunstall Flamenco Nurse Call System. This system is manufactured by Tunstall Germany and as you would expect meets stringent safety standards for nurse call system. One of the main features and benefits of the Flamenco system is that it voice enabled allowing staff to speak to patients when they are looking for assistance. 
  • This means that staff can very easily ascertain the patient’s needs even before attending the room which saves valuable time but it also means the patient gets a more positive and personal response. In fact studies carried out in Germany have shown that time spent responding to patient calls can be reduced by up to 35% by the use of voice communications on a nurse call system.

Our Solution

  • We installed a speech enabled room unit in each bedroom combined with an over door light and a pear push call point at each bed. The pear push has the added feature of being able to turn on/off the bedroom lights giving added convenience to the patient. 
  • There is also a pullcord in the bathrooms. 
  • The nursing home have also installed some Tunstall telecare sensors such as bed leaving and personal pendants for some of the patients. 
  • These are wirelessly connected to the system. By adding these sensors the nursing home have been able to easily meet the needs of those patients who need a higher level of care.

Project Highlights

The system has now been in place for nearly a year and the owner, staff and patients have had a very positive experience with the system. From the owners point of view they have a state of the art system which is reliable and trouble free, the staff are very happy that they can make the most efficient use of their time and respond to patients needs more quickly, the patients find the system easy to use and like the idea of being able to speak to staff when they need assistance.

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