Epilepsy Sensor

This state of the art sensor monitors the user’s vital signs including heart rate and breathing patterns to detect a range of epileptic seizures.

The sensor eliminates the need for carers to make physical checks, promoting independence and dignity.

Install the bed sensor crosswise to the bed, under a foam mattress or mattress cover (if using a sprung mattress). Make sure the sensor is positioned below the chest. it is important to ensure that the sensor will not move after installation.


  • Patented sensor technology – reduces number of false calls
  • Sensitivity adjustment – enables the adjustment of the sensor to the individual’s requirements
  • Unobtrusive – minimises user disruption
  • Plug and play registration – eases programming


Watch a video demonstrating how the Tunstall Emergency Response’s solutions work together.


  • Transmission to Class One receiver
  • Operates on the dedicated social alarm frequency
  • Compatible with Lifeline home units and other Tunstall telecare enabled systems
  • Automatic radio trigger low battery warning

National Awards

Tunstall Emergency Response received the prestigious award of ‘Best Providers of Healthcare Solutions and TeleCare Solutions’ at the Public Sector Magazine 2013 ‘Excellence in Business’ Awards.

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