Bed Leaving - Irish Hospital

Client Requirement

  • A large regional hospital needed a falls prevention solution to cover several wards throughout the
  • The present system they had in place was not working satisfactory for a variety of reasons and they were anxious to put in place a system that worked well for both the patients and staff.


What We Delivered

  • After consultation with the stakeholders including clinical nurse managers and the hospital infection control department it was agreed to roll out the installation of bed and chair leaving sensors in 6 wards.
  • The installation consisted of a combination of bed and chair sensors depending on the requirements of each ward. Everyone felt it was best to separate the falls prevention sensors from the general nurse call system therefore the sensors were programmed into pagers carried by the staff.
  • By doing it this way alerts from patients exiting beds or chairs were more readily identifiable and are acted upon quickly allowing staff to assist the patient.

Our Solution

The initial installation was for 2 to 3 bed and chair sensors per ward as the hospital wanted to make sure that the system worked well for all concerned before proceeding with a larger roll out. After 5 weeks the hospital were happy and confident enough to place a larger order to provide more sensors for each ward.

Project Highlights

Six months into project the feedback from the hospital is that the system has contributed greatly to the reduction in falls. The staff find the bed and chair sensors easy to use and manage and the pagers give a very immediate indication of bed/chair vacation.

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