Lifeline Dual

Lifeline GSM is Tunstall’s first Lifeline home unit with an integrated GSM module to enable the unit to be deployed on a mobile phone network. This provides a simple solution when no landline is available. The Lifeline GSM also utilises Tunstall’s patent protected STMF protocol to ensure more reliable communication to a PNC monitoring centre over the GSM network.

The Lifeline GSM also includes a programming keypad to help simplify installation and is supplied SIM free, enabling the telecare service provider to choose the most appropriate mobile network for their geographic location.

Who is the Lifeline GSM for?

  •  Are older or have limited mobility
  • Have long-term conditions such as dementia, heart disease, COPD etc.
  • Have physical disabilities or sensory impairments
  • Have learning disabilities
  • Have been discharged from hospital and require additional support and assistance at home
  • Are subject to domestic violence, racial harassment, repeat victimisation or distraction burglary
  • Have household security issues or are living in fear of crime
  • Are of any age living alone
  • Caring for someone in their home


Watch a video demonstrating how the Tunstall Emergency Response’s solutions work together.


  • Away mode button
  • Intruder alarm functionality
  • Basic inactivity monitoring
  • Event based configuration
  • Critical visits management facility

National Awards

Tunstall Emergency Response received the prestigious award of ‘Best Providers of Healthcare Solutions and TeleCare Solutions’ at the Public Sector Magazine 2013 ‘Excellence in Business’ Awards.

Individual Customers In Ireland in 2018
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